Well...I've got some reasons to make this site. Being so long a die-hard Dire Straits' and Mark Knopfler's fan, I like so much Chris White's saxophone playing. When I heard his solo in Romeo And Juliet, I fell in love with the sax music. I started to listen the saxophone in different way...with more passion and love. Chris will be my number one forever, because he took me to this wonderful world. When I connected to the Internet to search some information about my fav. band and musicians, I was so confused to find very wrong and contrary information about Chris. In one Roxy Music's fan site I read that he is from New Zealand...from other site I "knew" he is from New York...etc. etc. funny things. A reason about this big "mess" is the fact there are many musicians with the same name...2-3 of them are sax players. I hope to help the people with the right information doing this site.

P.S. I come from a country with a different language and alphabet too....so, please, be patient about my English...

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