'The Straits' made the audience rise to their feet

'The Straits' played an hour long gig for the See Rock Festival in Graz, Austria on 25th June 2011. Although it was 'The Eagles' concert, there were a lot of people come especially to see 'The Straits'. The Band was in its top form and performed a cool concert infront of many thousands of people. After the gig lots of fans asked the Band for photos and autographs.

'Nice surprise last evening in Graz. Thanks guys for gig!' Gabor

'I was in Zagreb in 1983 and it was fantastic, I'm glad your music is live again, because the last night in Graz was great, greetings from Croatian, Istra, Umag'. Neven

'I'm really happy to had a chance to get a picture with them, because I like Dire Straits or now The Straits too' - Samo, with brother Anej and cousin Gregor and 'The Straits' - see the gallery below

"Thanks so mutch for this great surprise the great gig in graz and this perfect photo :-))' - Martina

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The Straits' Royal Albret Hall Concert

22nd May 2011 - Royal Albert Hall was filled up with people which came to listen one more time the wonderful Mark Knopfler's songs written during his 'Dire Straits' era and performed by old DS members Alan Clark, Chris White and Phil Palmer along with Steve Ferrone, Terence Reis, Mick Feat and James Squire.

Some opinions about the concert:

Chris White forever!
I love that guy. And? Alan Clark too. Great great musicians!
Steve Ferrone is a good choice on the drums. Reminiscent of the Clapton tours with Mark Knopfler back in the late 80's and early 90's, and more particularly, reminds of the Knebworth festival with the dream team (Dire Straits/Clapton/Elton John)!
A French fan

Great gig tonight at the Royal Albert Hall, I was too young to see Dire Straits on their hay day but I'm glad I've seen The Straits now - great setlist and loved that you played my faves Your Latest Trick and Brothers in Arms - thanks for a great night.
Grant Fuller

Absolutely amazing concert. Fantastic musicians and the atmosphere was just like bring back at a Dire Straits concert. Thank you all so much and PLEASE don't let this be a one-off.
Rebecca McEnteggart

Could not agree more with everyone else. I was also too young and id never thought this chance would ever come. Im still buzzing now! Hopefully all this feedback will result in the guys doing more gigs. Sultans of swing was immense
Jonny Cole

Superb, fantastic, brilliant.........we loved it loved it loved it!More pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
Suzanne Parsonson

Let the pictures and the videos talk themselves:

Royal Albert Hall pictures

Under The Bridge pictures