John Illsley and Chris White

Les Baux De Provence - Cathedral D'Image

18th of June 2010

Line Up

John Illsley - Guitars
Chris White - saxophone, flute, backing voval
Polly Wood - acoustic guitar and backing voval
Steve Fletcher - keyboards
Steve Tierney - bass
Lee Boylan - drums

We were very surprised when we got to the venue. It's an incredible place for a concert and playing music. Actually it is an impressive limestone quarries which are used now for concerts and for picture's exhibitions projectioned directly on the walls with music. Me and my friend Nelly, from France, got there earlier to check the venue and found the Band making their soundcheck.

At 8 pm the audience gradually started to fill up the big standing area infront of the stage. We were lucky, because John was forced to postpone his UK concerts due to hand injury. The concert was part of a festival which is held there every year, so the guys which organized the festival announced they are very happy that John didn't cancel this gig and asked us to great him for his forthcoming Birthday, singing the famous HB song. So we did it when the Band came on the stage.

Then started the show with the nice and lively opening song 'Tell Me' from the new John's album 'Streets of Heaven'. They performed also 'Toe The Line', 'Streets Of Heaven', 'Young Girl', 'Only Time Will Tell', 'Banks Of The River' and maybe some more songs from the same album and 'I Want To See The Moon' from Glass. The set list included one song sung by Polly Wood and Leonard Cohen's 'First We Take Manhattan'. The Staraitish songs were 'So far Away', 'Sultans of Swing', 'Walk of Life', 'Expresso Love', 'Two Young Lovers', 'Money for Nothing' and 'Going Home' for the end after the encores. The audience was amazed to listen this typical 'Dire Straits' spirit kept alive by John Illsley and Chris White during the whole concert. The musicians enjoyed the concert themselves very much. So there were 6 songs from new John's album, 1 from his previous, 2 other songs and 7 'Dire Straits' songs - a very good arranged set-list.

After the concert there was after-show party where the fans could meet John singing his new CD, old tourbooks or some of the old DS albums. What can I say for conclusion - memorable night and incredible concert.

Thank you Nelly! I couldn't make that without you...

Pictures from the concert