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Shadowdance - 1991

1 Control
2 Mr. Fats
3 A New Day
4 Shadowdance
5 Don't Take No
6 Jericho Walls
7 Eve's Song
8 You Will
9 Dreamtime
10 Brilliant Silence
11 A Way of Life

Chris plays on alto, tenor, soprano and electric sax

Chris White - Shadowdance, August 6, 2004
Reviewer: A music fan from Kent, UK.
I first bought this album about 10 years ago , after seeing Chris White playing with Dire Straits . I thought he was an amazing Sax player , and his solos were sublime , especially in ' Romeo and Juliet ' , ' Sultans of Swing ' and ' Your Latest Trick '. When I knew he had an album out I had to get it , and several weeks later my local CD shop had located it for me - a German import that cost almost Ј20 but it was worth every penny .

" Shadowdance " is a fantastic album , and shows Chris' talents to the full . Some of the tracks - namely ' Don't Take No ' , ' You Will ' and 'A Way of Life ' have vocals on but it is largely a musical album . Great for having in the car or for chilling .

I believe that Chris White was part of Robbie Williams band in the Knebworth era (and for all I know he might still be) - all I can say is , Robbie knows a class sax player .

I can honestly say that on the strength of this album , I also bought albums by Kenny G , a much better known sax player , and Chris White, for me, is far superior.

Buy it - you will be so pleased you did.


Sax Trax...What's that?

Sax Trax is not a CD for selling. It is included in a Music Library for movies.

A seductive blend of melodies by virtuoso Chris White, 'Saxman to the Stars"
Includes 15 musical selections for use as backgrounds in film or video productions.
Each selection also recorded in 30-second version.


1. Party Down
2. Erotica
3. Little Miss Heartbreak
4. Voodoo Valves
5. Lacotta Sue
6. Maybe If
7. Lara's Lament
8. In Tha Hood
9. Who's That Girl
10. Drift Away
11. Big Bruiser
12. Lounge Lizard
13. Slightly Twisted
14. Melancholia
15. Tortured Mind