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The other interview has been translated from Norwegian to English! It is written by Vera Kvaal. Taken from Dagbladet July 31, 1992.

Within the group of musicians that have been part of the Mark Knopfler supergroup, Chris White would have to be among the most commited. The tall handsom englishman have played saxophone in Dire Straits since 1985.

Chris White laughs when I ask him if he considers himself a life member.

-It feels like that when I'm on tour.

-And when you are home ?

-When we're home, we just go about our own business.

Chris White was originally a jazz-saxophonist. He released a solorecord last year (1991), where among others Sam Brown sung. The record was mixed in Norway, so he got to know Oslo quit well during those weeks.

When Dagbladet, with hope of finding another friend of Norway, ask why the record was mixed here, he laughs and says it's because Norway was the cheapest alternative for a rather empty wallet.

When Dire Straits had their breakthrough in the late 70's, Chris was still in college playing jazz on his spare time. Dire Straits weren't his thing. It was Charlie Parker or nothing, Chris says. He has now been touring with the band for allmost eight years.

-Not many have stayed that long. Is Mark Knopfler a difficult man to work with ?

-He knows what he wants.

-So it's not about cooperation, but more like a employer to employee relationship ?

-He listens to my ideas, but he make the decisions. Dire Straits has allways been his group, and he has written all the songs.

-Do you have to compromise a lot ?

-No, not really. A lot of the songs are written without the saxophone, so here I am able to come up with some of my ideas.

-It's been said that this tour will end up making over 1 billion NOK (1$ = 8NOK). Is this correct?

Chris White smiles and shakes his head.
-It seemes like journalists refer to telephone numbers and not the actual numbers when they talk about money. All I can say is that over 4 million have watched the tour so far. We might have passed 5 million now.